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Am I Coming Back or Saying Goodbye?

I've been asked if I'm "still" making or selling art more than a few times in the past five months. I've always put out work in spurts because that's the way I normally work. However, this year has been extremely difficult where my art life and personal life meet. I've encountered so many external and internal obstacles that have all but brought my art life to a halt. Nothing personally tragic has happened, although, not being able to create art on a whim is a tragedy to me! I just need to balance some things out. I'll always create art in one form or another, it's in my DNA. But on what scale and what platform? Only time will tell.

While I decide, I've closed my Etsy shop, just for now. While I'm figuring things out, I invite you to come back and visit this blog. I'll be blogging about what I'm up to at least twice a month and posting on IG and FB when I can.

Thanks for your concern, your emails and DM's. I appreciate your patience and your continued support. Until the next blog, enjoy!


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