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Flippin Flip Flops

So all I needed was one lil pair of flip flops. I couldn't resist adding a couple more. These digital stamps have so many possibilities, such as printing them on Shrinky Dink plastic to make charms. How about cutting them out with your cutting machine, or printing them as a border for a scrap booking project to name a few.

However you decide to use them, I hope you have fun. SOOOOOO, I want to give these to you for FREE, yep, FREE. The only thing I'm asking you for is your email address to email you these Flipping Flip Flops. In the subject line write: Flippin Flip Flops, that's it! Don't worry I'm not going to spam you or bother you with follow up emails or try to sell you any of my other cool stuff. Nope! There is one tiny little catch, these will only be free for TWO days, Wednesday, June 26 & June 27, 2019.

You will receive a zipped file with each flip flop as a separate JPEG file. The file will not have a watermark on it.

That's it, I'll be looking for your emails, until the next blog...enjoy!


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