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New Digital Stamps! I'm so excited!

I know I've been away for a while, but for good reason. I've been working on my digital drawing skills and learning new programs that will help me with designs and video making.

So here I am, showing some of the fruits of my labor, lol.

Art Journaling - I just have not been able to find any cling or digital images that show us artist doing what we do, so I made this for us. I hope you draw tons of additional details all over this scene.

Painting - Again, another image for us artist that has a lot of potential. Again, I want you to go crazy with the additional details. What is she painting?

Girl Friends - Well, there just can't be too many girl friend images.

Sistahs - Hands down, this is my favorite right now. I'm loving this sketchy style (I always love sketchy!) their embrace and the serious bouquet on the back of her gown. I can see this image being used for bridal showers, bridal shower thank you cards, celebrating your sisterhood and so on.

All of these images can be found in my Etsy shop, Nay's World. I hope you have as much fun creating with them as I have.

Thanks for your visit today. Until the next blog...Enjoy!


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