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What's in my art journal? Hand Carved Stamps

I was flipping through my art journals today, looking pages I may want to work on. I came across several pages that had hand carved stamps on them. I've forgotten how much I like carving stamps.

These are all the stamps I carved for the Carve December 2014 Challenge

Tag insert with hand carved stamps. The page underneath the tag also has a hand carved background stamp on it.

Probably the busiest 2 page spread in the world. Mr. & Mrs, the background on the left side and the woman on the swing - hand carved

You can find this Quarter repeat stamp, Round n Round in my Etsy shop. One of my favorite couples, Mr. & Mrs.

Another page with a quarter repeat pattern on it. Then a then painted the face and part of the page with acrylic paint

I think yoga and bubbles go together.

A tiny triangle repeat pattern. I don't particularly like this page, put it shows the overall background this lil stamp can do.

I think I'm going to have to carve a few stamps here real soon. They are a lot of fun to carve. What about you? Do you or have you ever carved your own stamps?

That's it for me, thanks for your visit today. Until the next blog...enjoy!


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