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Where I Been

Hello everyone,

It's been a bit since my last post. My personal life had to take center stage there for awhile. I've got a lot of backed up projects that still need my attention. If you are one of a few, whose project is in that pile, I know I've already spoken to you and I APPRECIATE your patience and I thank you.

In addition to trying to catch up, here's a few things few things I've also been into.

PROCREATE - This is a digital illustration program. Let me tell you, this program is a beast!(in a good way) and quite a learning curve for me. But it's been fun....and frustrating. I will never give up paper and pencil and plan on incorporating both in my art.

DIGITAL PLANNER - I downloaded a digital planner from CCM Digitals on Etsy. It's wonderful. I have a physical planner but it's waaay to bulky to carry around. Check her out she's really got a great store, side note: I am very note dependent and I've been really enjoying writing notes in my new Ipad programs Notability and GoodNotes4, game changer!

STENCIL - I needed a stencil of a hand, took a picture of mine which I could have then traced it in Procreate, but I kept it old school and sketched it out on paper. Whenever I make a stencil (or stamp image) I play with it to death! I'm trying to see all the many uses I can get out of it. I never tire of reusing my images over and over. If you follow me on social media (and I hope that you are) you know what I mean.

SQUARE CARDS - This card size idea came from Jennifer Mcquire Ink on Youtube. She was making 4.5 X 4.5 cards and it is the cutest size for cards. I'm so behind that I don't know if I'll be able to make Christmas cards or Christmas digi stamps this year. I dug around in my stash to come up with these two.

BABY SHOWER CARD - I found this card project in the Cricut Design Space online. It's so perfect for a baby shower, new baby, baby bday, baby anything. The trunks interlock to keep the card close, Clever! I chose the colors to try and keep with the theme of the baby shower I was attending.

Ok, well, that's some of what I've been up to, thanks for stopping by. I hope you all are crafting up a storm! I'm off to work on some custom projects. Until the next blog...enjoy!


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